A global leader in the optimization of field service management. The right person in the right place at the right time. Way to achieve savings and increase the quality of services provided.

Cloud-based Field Service Solution

ClickSoftware is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all business roles in a service company from your field staff to back-office users to top executives. Our field service management software assumes best business practices and improves logarithms of making decisions, that will help you to manage and optimize your entire process of providing services before, during and after the service is supplied. The ClickSoftware’s main task is to allow the users to "master the moment" in order to provide the best service to the clients. Behind us is a twenty-years experience of innovation in a making decisions and implementation of services in the field. Artificial intelligence has always been our main focus and provider to a unique and visible difference in a domain of the field service management which will allow you to master any service.

Do the optimization of the entire organization in providing services - in the Cloud or On Premises

While the service is able to be measured by various methods at the moment of its execution, our field service management software helps you to overcome the expectations of customers through their experience.
• Planning and Forecasting provides the ability to ensure adequate worker’s coverage based on demand
• Shift Management optimizes the availability of staff to accomplish there requirements on time
• Scheduling and Dispatch allocate the right people at the right time, for any client or task
• Mobile application provides comprehensive connection to field workers
• The performance Measurement with Predictive and Prescriptive analytics finds an opportunity to improve.
In the Cloud or On Premises, you choose the best solution to you.

Easy implementation and excellent support

Our goal is to ensure the success of your field service management project and enable you to achieve full utilization of software throughout its life cycle. We will evaluate and optimize your solution through the partnership with the professionals who will guide you through all phases of the project - implementation, training, consulting and support.


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