Aleksandar Đorđević, a highly certified WFM consultant and Product Owner

Aleksandar Đorđević, a highly certified WFM consultant and Product Owner, emphasizes that Field Master was developed with careful focus on the fundamental concepts of WFM, with an additional emphasis on adaptability to specific user requirements. This agility enables enterprises not only to meet their basic workforce management needs but also to successfully adapt to dynamic market conditions, enhancing their business processes.

Aleksandar Đorđević proudly highlights that Planet Soft introduced the MVP solution at EPCG (Montenegro Power Company) last week in line with the complex processes of installing solar panels.

Field Master (FM) stands out with its exceptional flexibility and adaptability, making it an innovative alternative compared to established brands such as SAP, Salesforce, and Clicksoftware. This pronounced focus on adaptability not only positions FM as a workforce management tool but also as a true partner in business transformation processes.

What additionally distinguishes Planet Soft as a significant implementer is its rich experience in implementing solutions in the telecommunications sector, public sector, and other industries. The expert team is not only technologically competent but also possesses a deep understanding of the specificities and challenges inherent in these sectors. It's worth noting that FM is not just software but an adaptable tool that can be shaped according to the specifics of each business environment.

Furthermore, Field Master stands out by providing tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of different sectors. Its ability to adapt to regulatory requirements and the complexities of public organizations makes it a valuable partner for clients in the public sector, enabling them to maximize the value from their investments.

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