Network 11

Representatives of Planet Soft, Aleksandar Zec and Rešad Hajdarpašić, attended the Network 11 conference in Neum, held from October 18th to 20th.
This is the largest business and technology conference, featuring over 90 top regional and global speakers guiding 1100 participants through the most important and useful topics in the world of technology, business, and innovation. Diverse presentations included in-depth analyses of digital signatures, the future vision of WebAssembly, key aspects of software security, and the perspective of artificial intelligence in the development of smart cities. They particularly highlighted Nenad Trajkovski's lecture on the challenges of modern project management.

"Specifically, we learned about the importance of legal regulations for digital signatures in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the acceleration of contract signing processes using digital signatures, and the expected digitization of public institutions. Additionally, we explored the advantages of WebAssembly technology, recognizing its potential to solve problems for which JavaScript offers limited solutions. Software security aspects have become a priority, with a focus on the lack of tools for automated security testing and the need for regular pen testing. We became aware of the importance of balancing productivity and worker health, focusing on proper body posture, regular stretching, and ergonomic equipment," they stated, concluding that the conference demonstrated the rapid transformation of the business landscape by technology and the necessity to keep pace with innovations to remain competitive.

Planet Soft remains committed to staying abreast of the latest trends in the IT world.


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